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Why Noise Cancelling Headphones Are a Must-Have Noise cancelling headphones should be a part of your kit if you commute regularly or work in an area that is noisy. They block out ambient noise from interrupting your music or podcasts. Focal Bathys is the first wireless noise cancelling headphones from the French high-end audio company. […]

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Take Your Listening Experience to the Next Level With Wireless Headphones If you’re looking to take your listening pleasure to the next level, consider a pair of wireless earphones headphones. You can control the music and make calls with tapping. There are a variety of ways to wirelessly connect headphones sony but we will focus […]

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How Noise Cancelling Headphones Can Improve Your Listening Experience Noise cancelling headphones employ microphones to detect ambient sounds and create an anti-noise sound to counteract unwanted noises. They are excellent to block out train and plane conversations however they will not assist in blocking out your seatmate’s animated conversation or squealing breaks. Active noise cancellation […]

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The Best Headphones For Audiophiles A great pair of headphones should offer excellent sound quality, feel comfortable on your ears and head, and be simple to use. Ideally, they should feature features like noise cancellation or transparency modes, as well as touch controls. The WH-1000XM5 headphones from Sony are the gold standard in this category. […]