The authoritative, first-rate instrument for world-class players, the PHX Hyperion is designed for gaming greatness.

Its powerhouse performance and breakthrough design transcend every professional playing experience to monster levels.

Play beyond your imagination.



For those that live to play, the PHX Helios offers a high-end, immersive gaming experience and futuristic aesthetics at a consumer-conscious cost.

Pro gamers will command countless victories with this machine’s powerful do-it-all prowess.




The perfect fusion of performance and price, the PHX Atlas is the ideal rig for those looking to get into the game.

This is a cut-above, well-rounded PC with a sleek look offering burgeoning pro gamers a remarkable and rewarding access point to virtual adventure.

MSI Vendor Partner

Phoenix Gaming PC is proud to be partnered with MSI Global – a winning alliance that takes high-end gaming to new and innovate levels.

MSI is the leading brand and most trusted name in gaming design and digital content creation. For the last decade, MSI has been trailblazing across industries and empowering global gamers with monumental performance and modern aesthetics.

This winning partnership is destined to catapult the gaming experience to extraordinary places and deliver world-class creations.


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