Replacement Window Handle

uPVC handles come with a spindle that engages with the locking mechanism in the frame. Over time this can be loosened or even break.

It is simple to repair a damaged window handle. First you must open the window and remove any screws that are revealed (these are often hidden behind caps made of plastic). The spindle will then be revealed. You can cut it to the correct length.

What’s the issue?

Over time the window handle can begin to begin to show signs that it is in need to be replaced. This can happen due to a number of reasons, including overuse or aging, as well as exposure to harsh elements like freezing temperatures. If you notice that the handle of your window has changed or is not in good condition, it’s recommended to speak with a uPVC expert to find the most suitable replacement for the specific kind of window.

In general, the majority of uPVC windows are designed to be compatible with a variety of handle styles and lock styles. It is a good idea to consult the experts at Truth Hardware to determine the best replacement handle for your casement or awning windows. This will ensure that the handle is put in properly and give you a long-lasting solution that’s both robust and secure.

If you observe that your window handle is equipped with a “tongue” of steel that blocks it from turning involuntarily, it is important to know that this safety feature will protect you and the rest of your family from accidentally opening the window at an unfavorable direction. To avoid accidentally activating the blocker, you must press both the unlocker and seal of the window profile simultaneously.

The lubricant inside your uPVC handle might have dried out. This is a common problem with uPVC handles as they can be exposed to elements for extended periods of time, which can cause them to dry out. If you notice that your uPVC window handles Replacement ( handles are not working properly, you may want to relubricate the mechanism by applying an oil-based coating around the sash spindle as well as worm gear (Photo 1).

Do I have to replace my lock?

Window handles are a crucial part of windows, as they help them open and shut. However, with time, they can be damaged or worn out and need to be replaced. Luckily, this is an easy and simple task.

There are several different types of uPVC handles to pick from, each with its own unique functions. The most common is the standard window handle, which offers a simple function that allows the user to open and close windows. For those who are concerned about security, the lockable uPVC window handle is also available. This handle can be locked using a a key to provide an extra layer security and meet home insurance requirements in the majority of instances.

There are a variety of models that include additional features. Some uPVC window handles have an option to be pressed to act as a safety device for children. This is an excellent choice for families with young children as it can stop them from trying to escape by opening the window.

As well as this, there are also various options that are designed to improve the efficiency of energy used by a property. This is because the window handle can be used to shut a window which, in turn, reduces the loss of heat and keeps the interior of the house warmer.

It is essential to find the right replacement for an uPVC window hand regardless of what type is needed. This will ensure optimal performance and safety. To this end, it is recommended that the spindle of the window handle is measured since this will serve as an ideal reference point for the replacement to be installed. This will prevent the replacement not being properly aligned or loose, which could lead to more damage and security concerns.

What type of lock and handle do I need?

The majority of uPVC windows come with window handles, and as they are subject to constant use wear and tear and occasionally, the consequences of intruders and the weather, they may be damaged and require replacement. However, before you rush out to purchase a new handle or lock, take an instant look to determine the exact type of handle and lock you have. This will help make sure you get the right replacement and that it will fit perfectly, preventing damage to your window and providing maximum security.

There are two kinds of uPVC window handles and locks: espagnolette handles and cockspur handles. Both have with a locking mechanism inside the window frame, however they differ from each other in how they accomplish this. Generally speaking, espagnolette handles have spindles that are inserted into the lock gearbox, and then rotates the rods for the shoot bolt to open the window. They are most commonly used in tilt and turn uPVC windows.

Cockspur handles have a lever which hooks onto an inside striker plate that is in the shape of a wedge. These handles are typically found on older uPVC window frames. They provide additional security since they lock at both the top of the frame and the bottom.

Once you’ve identified the type of lock and handle you have, it’s time to get started on the replacement process. First, ensure that the window is opened. Take off the screw that is at the top of handle base. You can now remove two screws. Once all of the old components have been removed, it’s just a matter of inserting the new handle, positioning it correctly and screwing in the remaining two screws. If there are screw cap caps, be sure to put these back in place as well.

Do I require a cockspur handle?

The Cockspur handle is a handle that has an oblique or spur on the side that is locked onto a wedge inside your window frame. These handles are usually found on older uPVC and aluminium windows.

These handles are easy to install. You simply screw them in the same manner as you removed the previous handle. It’s a good idea test the new handle before you put it in place, just in the event that the spindle isn’t in the correct position. Once you’ve finished this you can screw the handle into place and attach a cap screw to the end of spindle.

If you own an Cockspur style handle then it’s important to measure the backset of your window which is the distance between the base of the screw plate and the the handle’s nose. This measurement is also known as the ‘nose-height’, and Window Handles Replacement is crucial when replacing handles.

There are a range of replacement handles on your windows, these include Espag handles and hinges that are usually fitted to newer double glazed window handles double glazed window handle windows. There are also tilt and turn options for handles spade handles, monkey tail window handles that can be fitted to either uPVC or aluminium windows.

Monkey tail handles are one of the most attractive and appealing kinds of window handles. They can be adapted to a variety of window styles, ranging from uPVC casement windows to timber sash windows. They are perfect for those who wish to improve the security of their home without needing to replace their entire window system. This kind of handle can be used together with a shotbolt and is extremely simple to use whether closed or open.

How do I change the window handle?

You can easily replace your window handles if broken or if you want to improve the look of your home. But, it’s essential that you do this correctly to ensure safety and efficiency.

The window should be opened slightly, while keeping the handle in the open position. Remove the screws from the top and bottom of handle using the screwdriver. Then, move the handle to the unlocked/open position and put the new screw in. Make sure that the spindle of the new handle has been fitted into the lock mechanism in the same way as the spindle of the old handle was (a small test can be conducted by dropping something into the middle hole, and then observing how deep it goes, without hitting an obstruction).

Once the handle has been fitted then replace the screw caps and make sure you don’t lose the caps. After that, verify the operation of your window handle by moving it to the locked and locked positions a few times.

Window handles are a crucial part of any uPVC window and, over time, they can become worn out or even break. It is important to replace the damaged window handles as soon as you can to avoid security issues and ensure that your windows are functioning properly. Bridgewater Glass’ expert team will be happy to help you in the event that you require a new window handle for your home. Our team has worked with uPVC for many years and is confident that they will offer you the best solution.

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