Your Family Will Be Thankful For Getting This Repair Timber Windows

Timber Window Overhauls Timber window repairs are required to fix rattles leaks, draughts, and many more. This involves removing the damaged areas of timber and replacing them with fresh timber splices. This is followed by treating the entire frame with mortar biocide and fungicide. To shield surfaces from paint or stain splashes, masking tape and […]

It’s The Ugly Reality About Double Glazed Window Repairs Near Me

Double Glazed Window Repair Repairing double glazed windows is a crucial part of keeping your home warm. Double-glazed windows can form condensation that can result in drafty windows. To fix this it is necessary to seal your window or insulate your glazing units. Resealing a double-paned window Resealing a double-pane window is more cost effective […]