Do Not Buy Into These “Trends” About Lock Repair

Door Lock pvc window repair – How to Fix Common Problems A lock that fails to latch properly indicates that it needs to be fixed. CR’s testers use lipstick to mark where the latch contacts the strike plate; tightening the hinge screws can fix the problem. Spraying a dry lubricant, such as graphite powder or […]

15 Funny People Who Are Secretly Working In Door Repair

Tips For UPVC Doors Repair You may be thinking about what to do in the event that your doors made of uPVC are not aligned correctly or have cracked. Here are some tips to assist you in the repair. Repairing a cracked uPVC door If your uPVC door is damaged, it can be frustrating. It […]

10 Of The Top Facebook Pages Of All-Time About Upvc Doors Repairs

Patio Door Repairs You must be prepared for any issues that may arise if you just purchased a new patio door. Here are some helpful suggestions to keep your door in good condition. Slide-Ezzz Sliding Door Repair Kit Slide-Ezzz Sliding Door Repair Kits are the ultimate DIY project. It comes with all the equipment needed […]