Why Choose Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Ashford?

We repair uPVC, Aluminium and Wood Double Glazed windows and doors in Ashford and surrounding areas. Our repair of windows and doors service is quick, efficient and backed by a guarantee.

The choice of the right windows is essential in particular for your energy efficiency. You want a window that catches warm air and blocks cold draughts, helping you reduce your heating bills.

Reduced Heat Loss

Double-glazed windows can make your home warmer, brighter, and help you reduce your energy costs. The air that is encased between the two glass panes acts as a great insulator, keeping your home warm and reducing amount of heat lost through the window. This can help you lower your energy costs, and help to make your home more sustainable.

It isn’t easy to keep your home warm throughout the winter months, especially when you reside in a cold country like England and so installing double glazing is a great idea. It will create protection against cold temperatures and prevent it from entering your home. The gap between the two layers of glass reduces the loss of heat by as much as 64% when compared to conventional single-pane windows. This means that you will save a lot of money on your energy bills.

You can also use them to cool your home in the summer. This is because the air between the two glass panes keeps the room cool and prevent direct sunlight from entering.

Another benefit of double glazed windows is that they reduce the amount of noise that comes into your home. This is a great benefit to anyone who lives near noisy roads or noisy neighbors.

The windows have a coating on the inner surface that reflects heat back to the point from which it came which helps to reduce heat loss and limit the amount of noise that is allowed to pass through. Double-glazing is better at limiting amount of light that is allowed to pass through. This is a great option for those that want a more natural look to their home, or are worried about too much light entering the living area.

Double-glazed windows will also stop the entry of draughts into your home. This can be extremely uncomfortable during winter. Draughts can cause you to turn up the heat, which is not something you want do in order to save on your energy costs. Double-glazing helps prevent draughts, and ensures that your home is comfortable throughout the through the year.

Reduced Noise

Double glazing can help reduce noise pollution inside your home. When sound is reflected off the single pane of a window it vibrates, and then is carried through the house to your ears. Double-glazed windows create the perfect barrier between your home, and the outside world. This lets you relax and enjoy peace.

Acoustic glass is commonly used in double glazed windows to block the transmission of sound. Acoustic glass is layers of different thicknesses to block vibrations that pass through the window and cause noise. The acoustic window also has an air gap between its two panes. This can help reduce the amount of noise.

While double glazed windows do not always block out all noises, they can significantly reduce the noise from the street or nearby homes that could be distracting. This means you’ll be more relaxed and concentrate better, as well as experience less anxiety.

You can further improve the acoustic performance of double-glazed windows by using gas called argon in the panes instead of air. This gas is more effective in making low-frequency sounds less noticeable than air that is regular. This will help to minimise any noises generated by birds or traffic that could easily penetrate the window.

The more solid the glass, the more effective it is in cutting down noise. However every glass has a frequency that can actually increase noise rather than blocking it out. This is why we recommend using double-glazed acoustic windows that use glass of different thicknesses to counteract this effect.

Double-glazed windows have the standard Rw rating between 20-65 percent. This means that they can reduce noise from the outside. Double glazed windows are a good investment if you live near an area of high traffic, a railway line or airport. They will provide you with peace and privacy in your home. Installing acoustic curtains in your home will also improve the acoustic properties of your windows. This will further reduce the noise of airplanes and enable you to sleep soundly at night.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation can be a huge issue for windows, but it does not need to be. Double glazing prevents condensation on the glass as the temperature of the glass and the air inside is the same. This is not to say you will never get condensation on double glazed windows as it happens however, it’s usually only a problem when the humidity of your home is high or after major construction work like plastering, painting etc has been completed and there is a lot of water vapour circulating in the air. It is recommended to wipe off any condensation as soon it occurs, as allowing it to stay on the surface can lead to rot and mold.

Double-glazed frames are usually made from UPVC, which is known for its toughness and heat retention. However, they can also be constructed from aluminium or wood. These frames can be equipped with various kinds of sealed units. Double-glazed units are made up of two panes separated by an inert gas or vacuum. This improves energy efficiency by preventing heat loss.

Double glazed units with thermal insulation can also help reduce condensation. Because the glass and the air are both at the same temperature, condensation doesn’t have the chance to form on the surface. If your windows are old and you’ve noticed condensation appear on them, it is likely due to seals on the unit have broken and let moisture in.

The majority of double-glazed windows have an ‘in-between’ spacer bar between the two panes of glass. This is filled with a specific crystal desiccant that absorbs any water that gets into the air space between the panes of glass. This helps to keep both the glass and the interior space dry and free of condensation. However should the seals begin to fail, the desiccant gets saturated and condensation begins to form on the inside face of the window.

Increased ashford door panels glazing adds an additional layer of protection to your windows, protecting your home from burglars. It also makes your home much quieter, which means you can rest in peace, with no traffic or noisy neighbors disturbing you. It could even boost the value of your home which makes it more appealing to buyers.

Window frames made of uPVC have an inbuilt security feature that prevents the glass from being destroyed and broken by burglars or opportunists trying to gain entry to your home. The multipoint locking system on double-glazed windows makes it safer to break into than single-glazed windows. This extra layer of security will make your home less susceptible to intruders, and could reduce the cost of insurance.

You can also add additional window safety features, such as restrictors, that prevent your windows from opening to the fullest and prevent your children from climbing over. This is especially crucial for older homes and buildings with more windows that are usually left open for ventilation purposes, particularly if they are located on the first floor.

If you have a young family Double-glazed windows will ensure that your home is secure and gives you assurance that your children are secure. Double-glazed windows can also have handles that lock with keys that make it harder for intruders.

Energy efficiency is another reason to opt for double glazed windows. The two panes of glass help to block out heat in the summer and keep warmth inside your home in the winter which will save you money on your energy bills.

Double glazed doors also lessen outside noise pollution. This can be a plus for those who live near an airport or a busy road.

Double-glazed doors are a great option for your home if want to increase your security, energy efficiency and sound insulation. You can choose from a range of styles and designs to fit your home. They’re also made of an extremely durable material that doesn’t chip or break easily.

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