Renault Trafic Key Fob Review

Renault Trafic has a comfortable car-like driving experience and it has a high fuel efficiency. This updated 2023 model offers numerous Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The steering has nice weighting and sensitivity, and was easy to use while participating in the van’s ‘parking gymkhana’ challenge (yours truly won and won it, in fact). Also available is a ‘Panic button’ that could theoretically make thieves think twice before they commit a crime.

Hidden Physical Keys

Modern car key fobs come with many useful functions that include the ability to start and stop the engine from a distance. These hidden features are beneficial if you’re looking to get out of the rain or if your car is in rush. However, these hidden features can also be used by thieves to break into your car.

The key fob emits radio frequency (RF) signals which are picked up by a receiver within the vehicle. The receiver interprets the signals and determines if a button was activated to unlock or start up the engine, for example.

When a new key fob is added to the system, it will send its serial number and the current synchronization counter to the receiver while in a learning mode. The receiver stores this information in memory and exits the learning mode. The key fob will then use the decryption key previously saved and the counter for synchronization in order to authenticate the signal when it is used again.

Although this measure of security has proven successful in preventing most attacks, it’s not completely secure. A sophisticated attack technique known as RollJam [17has been able to turn this safety provision into an exploit. The attacker must find future codes emitted by the key fob in order to be successful after which, once obtained they can be used to carry out an attack replay and gain access to the vehicle.

Pulling the Car Out of the Spot

A feature that is very loved by those who own Renault Trafic is the ability to unlock the hatchback and trunk using the push of a button on their key fob. This is a great feature when they have lots of party or food items in their possession and don’t want to have to pack everything away to open the car.

replacement key for renault trafic van is also a good way to prevent theft from occurring in the first. A simple press of the panic button will scare off anyone trying to steal your car or break into your house. It will also notify your neighbors. Similarly, if you are driving and start to feel uneasy pressing the panic button will immediately notify other drivers that something is not right.

The key fob may be damaged due to washing or dropping it. Other causes include a faulty key programmed and an immobilizer malfunction and interference from other wireless devices operating at the same frequency. If you’ve got a defective module, you’ll need to go to an authorized Renault dealer or a technician for assistance. It may be necessary to change the fuse or remove the battery for fifteen minutes to reset the module.

Sunroof Opener

Renault key fobs for traffic feature an opening sunroof mechanism that allows the opening and closing of your car’s sunroof. This is crucial to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level while driving in the summer. This feature lets you open the sunroof and vent the car. This can help in air circulation during a hot trip.

The sunroof can open and closed via the console switch on the driver’s side (left-hand drive) of the hatch area. The sunroof will be opened to its comfortable position, which is approximately 75 percent. This is the typical operating position in the majority of automobiles. Touch OPEN to open the sunroof, which is fully functional, and CLOSE to close it.

If the sunroof doesn’t work properly, it could mean that the micro-switch is malfunctioning. The sunroof motor can be operated manually for a brief period of time to test the current of the motor with an ammeter. Letting the adjusting screw loosen will increase the torque of the motor slip clutch, while tightening it lowers the torque. Once the slip clutch has been properly adjusted apply heavy-duty Loctite on the locknut for the adjustment screw.

Another issue that can stop your sunroof from rising is a defective Limit Switch 2 or one that has been adjusted incorrectly. The lifting arms retract to the released position, which is then removed but not to the locked-open position. On 1985.5 and later models the ignition switch has to be in the position of ACCESSORY (2) to operate the sunroof. The sunroof console switch is then pushed back (“A” direction) to open, then pushed forward (“B” direction) to close.


The Renault Trafic has a lot going for it that includes a sleek exterior design and modern features. Cameron, who was driving the 2023 Renault Trafic in Sydney for the launch event was able to control. It was able to steer with ease and was a bit heavy. It was easy to park even in the tight ‘gymkhana’ in which I had to reverse out of a hat-shaped garage’ into two other ones.

If you see a warning light on your dashboard that appears like two cars following each one with an exclamation point then it could be the adaptive cruise control system that is reporting an issue. This system uses cameras and radars to monitor the traffic in front of you and adjust your speed according to the situation.

A yellow warning light that appears like a car with swirls beneath it means that the stability control has kicked in to try and keep the traction from losing. This usually comes with an audio alert. It should only stay on for a short period of time before dissolving as the system works to restore traction. If this remains on for longer, you should consult the manual or seek professional assistance from an Renault dealer or mechanic immediately.

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