window companies ashford in Ashford comprise moving parts like handles hinges, locks, hinges, and clasps. Keep your windows in good working order to extend their life expectancy and prevent costly replacements.

We repair UPVC as well as timber and aluminium double-glazed windows, doors and conservatories. We can also enhance your energy performance with new Low E glass.


A window frame is composed of many components. It is best to employ a professional to repair it. A certified window repair expert will examine the frame to determine the cause of the crack, dent or slide. They can replace or repair the damaged part to bring back the window’s function and appearance. A seasoned technician will also make sure the new part fits properly to prevent further damage.

A common problem with windows is that the moving parts get damaged or rotten due to long-term exposure to the weather. This could lead to an unsound seal or lower energy efficiency. In order to avoid this issue, homeowners should regularly check their moving parts and perform minor repairs as required. This will prolong their lifespan and reduce high replacement costs.

While some homeowners can do basic window repairs, it’s best to hire a professional for more complex problems. Apart from fixing the damage, experts can install new hardware and weather stripping to enhance the overall performance of the window. They can also increase the efficiency of a house by caulking or replacing windows that are double-glazed.

The cost of window repair depends on the severity of the damage as well as the kind of damage it is. Generally, the cost is lower than replacing a window, and can range from $305 to $568. The price averages the repair of the window seal and sash, and also the mechanism to open. However the total repair costs can increase if the seal or sash is damaged.

Whether you need to replace an existing timber windows or add character to a new construction home in Ashford, Kent, you can trust us to supply and install uPVC sash windows that will look and feel like the original wooden design while offering all the advantages of modern double glazing. You can also choose from a variety of colours and finishes, as well as woodgrain patterns to create a customized look that perfectly matches the style and décor of your home.

Double glazed windows aren’t only energy efficient and low maintenance and low maintenance, but they’re also extremely attractive. They can be made from a wide variety of glass that include laminated and toughened safety glass and feature leads, Georgian bars and stained glass effects. They can be fitted with low-emissivity (low e) glass to reduce heat loss or cold air infiltration.


The seals between the window panes help keep outside temperatures out of your home. They also keep out moisture. You’ll notice drafts in the home when they fail, especially on cold or windy days. You might also notice evidence of water leakage.

During the daytime, your windows expand due to sunlight and exert pressure on the window seals. They then shrink in the night, creating the cycle of expansion and contraction that eventually wears down the seals. This process is called solar pumping, and it is most commonly found on windows located on the west or south side of the building.

Over time, window seals can deteriorate and cause the glass to break or break. This is more frequent in older buildings with damaged seals and frames. This is why it’s recommended to have a professional install double glazed windows and doors. Professionals use high quality seals and also back their work with warranties that cover future repair. DIYers might not get the additional protections and end up spending more in the long run due to unforeseen repair costs.

Insulated glass units are a great way to protect your home and save energy. They can lose their insulation value when the window seals fail. These seals are susceptible to damage by DIYers who aren’t skilled enough using heat guns to remove paint or pressure washers. The seals can also be damaged by direct exposure to the elements and incorrect installation.

Fogging occurs when the seals of the IGU fail. This reduces the visibility and efficiency of the windows, and reduces their protection from noise from outside. There are many solutions to fix foggy windows, including defogging services. These are expensive and they don’t restore the inert gases that were lost when the seal failed.

You might be enticed by an DIY project but it is recommended to leave window repair and replacement to the professionals. They can replace damaged hardware and locks and repair damaged frame sections, and install double-glazed sealed unit. In this way they will upgrade your windows to the most efficient thermal efficiency specification and replace any draughty gaskets or seals.

Sashes and balances

Windows are a crucial element of any home. They allow natural sunlight into your rooms and also provide airflow. With time, windows may be damaged and worn out. This is why it’s essential to perform regular maintenance on your window to prevent issues like draughts and condensation from building up. By taking care of the moving parts of your windows you can extend their life span and avoid costly replacements.

The sashes of double-glazed windows are designed to slide down and up, allowing fresh air to be drawn in and keeping out the cold. However, the sashes can become jammed and stuck due to a build-up of dust and dirt. Professionals can solve the issue by fixing your window.

There are four kinds of balance systems that are used in sash windows, and each works differently. The oldest balance systems are the weight and cord which operate by pulling a chain that runs along the side of the window frame. This method is still in use on older wooden windows. If your window is hard to open, you should check whether the cord needs to be lubricated or the balance system is broken.

Spiral balances first came into existence a few decades later than the weight balances and cords and utilize springs instead of cords. If you take the sash off and look for a metal tube at either end. The tube will be marked with a stamp or code on it that lets you know the amount of weight it can handle.

Another kind of window balance is the inverted block and tackle balance which functions in the same way as traditional block and tackle balances but allows your sash to tilt. They can be identified by examining the stamp on the side of the metal channel and determining how long it is. You can also determine the balance bar’s weight by looking at the length and strength codes of the metal balance bar.

Glasses that fog or appear cloudy

As time passes, the windows can become worn out. The sashes, seals, and frames can all break. Glass can also become cloudy or misty. The good part is that each of these issues can be repaired.

If your windows appear to be blurred, try using windows cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Ammonia is known to degrade the vinyl frame’s integrity and may also cause irritation to your skin and eyes. It is also possible to clean windows by mixing water and distilled vinegar. The vinegar will remove any residue and bring back the shine of your windows.

Humidity is another common cause of foggy or misty windows. Foggy windows can be caused by high humidity, particularly if your windows are double-paned. If you have a problem with humidity, you can lower it by increasing ventilation in your home. Open up a few windows to keep fresh air flowing. You can also make use of a dehumidifier in order to keep the humidity at a low level in your home.

Windows that are hazy suggest it’s time to wash. If your windows are still cloudy after cleaning, it may be time to replace the glass.

Glass that are hazy can be a problem and hinder your enjoyment of your view outside. They can also affect your energy efficiency as the glass will let in more cold and heat. This can be avoided when you select windows that are of high quality and make sure they are installed correctly. This will stop the seals getting damaged, allowing water, dirt and mold to enter the gap between the two glass panes.

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