Renault Master Key Replacement

Renaults have an extremely complex system when it comes to immobiliser locks and keys. Without getting into too much technical details, there are two main systems that affect the way the replacement key is required to be programmed.

Most people believe that the only way to buy a brand new car is to visit an auto dealer. However this can be an expensive process that takes a long time and can be up to 50% more costly. We have a better solution.


Renault has a variety of different systems that are in use in relation to their keys and immobilisers. The first models (pre-2000) have keys that must be inserted into the door lock, and hit to start your car. This is a system that can be hard to code replacement keys. The newer models, beginning in 2000 and onwards, will have transponder-style keys that can be programmed for the car via laptop-based software by using its diagnostic socket.

Key cards

Renault key cards look different from traditional keys but function in the same way. They can be inserted into a dash card reader to open the car and start it. This type of key has a transponder embedded in it that is used to identify a particular vehicle. A locksmith that is trained in Dublin will be able to make a replacement Renault key or card for your car. This will save you any hassles if the original key is lost or damaged.

Renault key cards are damaged by daily use. The internal switch buttons may break or lose their function due to a knock or normal wear and tear. If you notice that your Renault key card is not opening in the car, or there is a loud rumbling sound emanating from it, it is time to call an experienced locksmith. Locksmiths have the necessary equipment and experience to make a new Renault key card. They are also cheaper than dealerships.

When you have a lost Renault key, it could be very frustrating, especially in the case of a single one! Many people believe that the only way to obtain a new key is to visit a Renault dealer. But, this can take a long time. Renault dealers have to order the replacement key directly from their headquarters in France. This can take up to a week for it arrive. If you call a locksmith, however they can cut and program the replacement Renault key within the same day you call them.

Keys with chip transponders

You may have a Renault built in the last 20 years that has an embedded key transponder chip. These tiny circuits can help keep your car safe from theft since they only allow the car to start if the correct code is entered into it.

These chips are powered by tiny batteries that could fail over time. This can result in keys not working. It is important to replace your Renault keys to your car immediately if you observe any issues. Beishir Lock and Security offers a variety of these keys at a fraction the price of your dealer.

You can get a replacement key by visiting the dealership, but it can be a time-consuming process and may make it impossible to drive your car. renault trafic key replacement can reprogram your key and supply you with a replacement for much less. They utilize laptops to connect with the car’s computer and programme the chip, which is generally a much quicker and cheaper alternative.

Certain older Renaults have a different kind of key card that is installed into the dash panel reader to start the car. These cards are more difficult to get an alternative replacement for, however the good news is that they do work.

Replacement keys

Renault cars have a fairly complicated system as far as anti-theft locks and keys are concerned. Without getting into too much technical detail, there are two broad systems that affect how a replacement key can be programmed. Early models (usually up to 2000) work with a key that can’t be programmed into the car by simply plugging in a tester and pressing a button. These will require removal of what’s not an Eeprom chip from the anti-theft system and use of professional tools and software to write new key information into the car, allowing it to start.

The more modern Renaults like the Megane, Clio, and Laguna, have a more modern system which uses a key card. They are distinct from regular metal keys and are inserted into a special dashboard card reader to unlock the doors and to start the engine. They can also be replaced by a certified locksmith at less than the price you’d pay for the same service at a dealership.

Australian consumer advocates Choice recently conducted a survey of 22 dealerships on the average cost of replacing a single car key. Their findings were not encouraging. The findings were not good.

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