Cherwell Composite Doors – Beaconsfield

A new front door made of composite can make a significant difference to your home’s appearance, whether you are looking to improve your property to sell or upgrade it for your personal enjoyment. Cherwell Windows understands the impact high-quality windows and doors are able to make and make their customers the first priority. There are showrooms in Banbury, Henley on Thames and Beaconsfield.


A stunning new front entryway is the ideal way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re moving in to your first property and want to stand out or improve the kerb appeal of your current property in preparation for selling up or downsizing, Cherwell Windows will have the solution that will meet your requirements. Cherwell Windows’ showrooms in Banbury and Henley on Thames offer a wide range of wood effect windows and doors. Their team is dedicated to developing custom solutions for your home. Their products are covered by both installation and product warranties to provide you with peace of assurance.


In a world where most homes are constructed using standard frames, windows and doors It’s nice to know that certain builders are pushing the boundaries. window companies beaconsfield has a showroom in Beaconsfield where you can browse through their huge collection of wood-effect windows and doors. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly and will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect window for your home.

The house was a mix of Italianate and Second Empire style. It was luxurious for its day. It featured 25 rooms with encaustic tiled in the front hallway as well as bronze hardware on the doors, eight fireplaces in marble and elaborate cornices. It also had a stunning double-drawing room that featured an impressive second-floor stained glass window emblazoned with “J.P.” for James Peake.

In 1883, following Peake’s bankruptcy, the Cundall family bought back Beaconsfield. They sold the home for $11,000 which was a small fraction of its original price of $35,000. However, this was an enormous amount for the time and would take a long time to pay off the mortgage.

When the house was sold in the year 1986 the house was renamed and was transformed into a refugee and temporary residence for young women. It remains one of the most stunning houses in Beaconsfield and is an ode to its owners’ constant maintenance and respect for its architectural heritage. Riaz Hameed has modernized the rear elevation of the house with large Schuco sliding windows and roof lights, but retaining the traditional front. This has resulted in a vast open-plan living space that has panoramic views of the garden. This is a great way to preserve the character of an historic building and incorporating modern features to improve its functionality.

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