VA Benefits For Veterans Who Were Exposure to Asbestos in the Military

Veterans who were exposed to asbestos during their service may be eligible to receive VA benefits. These benefits include health care as well as monthly compensation.

Veterans who work in certain military jobs are more at risk of asbestos exposure. These include boiler technicians, enginemen, machinist’s friends pipefitters, shipyard workers and pipefitters.

Pleural disease

The Pleura is the thin layer that lines lungs and chest walls. Asbestos fibers that are inhaled can cause irritation to the pleura and cause scarring. This can cause a number of diseases. This includes mesothelioma, pleural diseases, and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Pleural disease causes symptoms like difficulty breathing, fluid buildup in the chest and rib cage, and a painful cough. It can be diagnosed by physical examination, chest x-ray, and CT scan. A CT scan is a collection of images taken at various angles and depths that show the inside of your body. The doctor injects dye into a vein in order to help the blood vessels and organs be seen more clearly.

Veterans with lung issues can file lung issues can file a VA disability claim to receive compensation. To be eligible, a veteran or a survivor of the family member must submit medical records and proof of military asbestos exposure. A mesothelioma lawyer can review your VA benefits options and make sure all necessary paperwork is correctly filed.

Navy veterans who fought during World War II are at an increased chance of suffering from asbestos-related health problems. Other branches of the military also used asbestos on barracks, ships as well as warehouses, armored vehicles and other buildings. Pipefitters, boiler technicians and machinists’ mates and enginemen were at risk, as well as shipyard workers and hull maintenance technicians.

Mesothelioma is a rare kind of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs and abdomen. It takes between 20 and 50 years for mesothelioma grow after exposure to asbestos. It can trigger a variety of symptoms including pain, difficulty breathing and coughing, weight loss and weight gain.

A physical exam, chest radiograph and CT scans can identify mesothelioma pleural. The size and location of the tumor could influence the symptoms. Certain veterans suffer from mild symptoms while others suffer more severe complications. Some suffer from a combination of symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and dry cough. Pleural mesothelioma is a difficult diagnosis, since the symptoms can mimic those of other illnesses.


The tissue that surrounds the stomach, lungs and heart (the mesothelium) can be affected by exposure to asbestos. This is known as mesothelioma. class action lawsuit asbestos exposure is a form of cancer which cannot be treated. Treatment may help to control symptoms. Mesothelioma is not a very common disease however in the UK more than 2700 people are diagnosed each year. People are usually diagnosed with this illness after experiencing symptoms such as breathlessness and coughing. People affected are usually over 75, and males are more often affected than women.

Inhalation of labile, sharp asbestos fibers causes mesothelioma. These particles are absorbed into lung linings and abdomen which causes irritation to the cells. This can lead to malignant tumours over time. The signs of mesothelioma typically don’t show up until decades after exposure to asbestos. They often mirror those of other conditions and diseases which is why it is crucial to consult with a physician and disclose your exposure to asbestos.

Most mesothelioma cases involve cancerous tumours that grow in the pleura membrane which surrounds the lungs. This is referred to as mesothelioma of the pleura. Mesothelioma is less often seen, but it can be found in the lining of the stomach (peritoneal mesothelioma) or in the membrane that surrounds the testicles (pericardial mesothelioma).

Asbestos exposure can cause non-cancerous tumours that don’t spread to other organs and tissues. These tumors are referred to as benign mesotheliomas.

It takes long for mesothelioma’s growth to manifest, and symptoms often mimic those of other diseases. Mesothelioma is a difficult cancer to diagnose and may be misinterpreted as lung diseases or pneumonia. It could take years for a diagnosis to be made.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides financial compensation to veterans of the military and their families who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related diseases. This type of compensation is only available if you can prove that your mesothelioma has been caused through exposure to asbestos during your service and that it has hindered you from working. It is crucial to make an VA claim for mesothelioma as soon as you are able to.


Asbestos is a natural collection of minerals once popular in the construction industry due to its long-lasting and fire-proof characteristics. Inhaling asbestos fibers it can cause many medical ailments. The most commonly reported asbestos-related diseases include plaques in the pleural cavity (a scarring of the lung), asbestosis and mesothelioma. All of these are the result of exposure to tiny asbestos fibers. People who were exposed to asbestos most often developed the disease on the job prior to when asbestos regulations were enacted.

Veterans who were exposed to asbestos during their military service may be qualified for disability benefits in the event of developing an asbestos-related medical condition. According to the VA it is possible that veterans who were part of the Army, Navy or Air Force and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or a related disease may be entitled to disability benefits.

The VA recognizes mesothelioma as a presumptive service-connected disease in those who have been exposed to military asbestos. The agency also recognizes other diseases caused by asbestos exposure like pleural plaques, and abdominal or peritoneal mesothelioma.

Navy personnel are especially at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases because of the abundance of the mineral in shipyards and on naval ships. The Navy makes use of asbestos for insulation, pipes and shingles cement sheets, floor tiles and floor tiles. Air force personnel working in the engine rooms, rotors or fuel systems of aircraft could also have been exposed to asbestos.

Asbestosis is a long-lasting lung disease that is caused by long-term exposure to asbestos fibers. It causes scarring of the lungs and a range of symptoms, like chest pain or tightness and difficulty breathing. It is a type of interstitial pulmonary disease which isn’t fatal.

It usually takes between 15 and 30 years for the first symptoms of asbestosis to show and many veterans are not diagnosed until after retirement. As with other ailments that are caused by asbestos exposure it can be treated by focusing on the relief of symptoms. People suffering from the condition should be in close contact with their medical professionals to ensure that they follow all treatment guidelines. They must be aware that their condition will likely get worse with time and may require surgery if complications develop.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer affects the lining of the lung. It can cause serious health problems. This condition can cause coughing, chest pain and difficulty breathing. This condition can be caused by asbestos. It is typically diagnosed using physical examination and tests, such as chest X-rays, CT scans, or lung biopsy. Chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are the best treatments for lung cancer.

Asbestos exposure could also trigger other types of cancer such as urogenital and digestive cancer. These conditions may not be as common or develop at a slower rate than mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases. They are nonetheless linked to asbestos exposure and may be compensable by VA.

Typically, veterans receive a disability compensation payment from 10% to 100 percent of their medical expenses based on the severity of their asbestos-related condition. These payouts can be used to pay for mesothelioma treatment and other treatments. These payments can also be used to cover other costs related to the illness.

The process of filing an VA claim can be difficult particularly if you suffer from mesothelioma. To file a claim, you need evidence that you were exposed to asbestos and that this exposure occurred during military service. You must provide your medical records as well as a doctor’s opinion linking your asbestos exposure to your illness.

The VA recognizes several diseases as asbestos-related, such as mesothelioma, pleural disease and lung cancer. The VA also recognizes gastrointestinal cancers and urinary (except prostate) cancers as asbestos-related. However, since some of the symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia and asthma, these conditions are often misdiagnosed at a very early stage. Before submitting a compensation claim asbestos sufferers should seek out a second opinion.

Many veterans don’t realize that they can get mesothelioma treated outside of the VA system. Private mesothelioma specialists can offer veterans the same quality care as those treated by the VA. The VA’s simplified system is the best way to diagnose mesothelioma. Making a mesothelioma VA claim completed quickly can speed up the process of getting reimbursement.

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