Window Repairs Ashford

Window repairs in Ashford comprise moving parts like handles locks, hinges, locks and clasps. Maintaining your windows in good condition will prolong their life and help avoid costly replacements.

We repair UPVC, timber and aluminium double glazed windows, doors and conservatories. We can also increase the energy efficiency of your home by using Low E glass.


The frame of a windows has many intricate parts, which is why it’s important to hire an expert to repair. A certified window repair expert will examine the frame to determine the reason for it to crack, dent, or slide. They’ll then replace or repair the damaged component to restore the window’s function and appearance. A seasoned technician will also ensure that the new component is properly fitted to prevent further damage.

The most frequent issue with windows is that the moving parts get damaged or rotten due to long-term weather exposure. This can lead to a broken seal and reduced energy efficiency in the home. To avoid this homeowners should check regularly their moving components and make minor repairs if required. This will extend their lifespan and decrease the cost of replacement.

While some homeowners can do basic window repairs, it’s recommended to hire a professional for more complex problems. Besides repairing the damage, professionals can install new hardware and weather stripping to enhance the overall performance of the window. In addition, they can aid in increasing the energy efficiency of your home by caulking and replacing old double-glazed glass.

The cost of window repair is contingent on the extent of the damage and the type of damage it is. Repairing windows is typically less than the cost of replacing it. It can range between $305 to $568. The price averages the repair of the window seal and sash and also the mechanism to open. However the total repair cost can increase if the sash or seal is cracked.

If you’re looking to replace your existing timber sash window or give a unique appearance to a newly construction home in Ashford, Kent, you can trust us to supply and install uPVC windows that look and feel just like the original wooden design while offering all the advantages of modern double glazing. You can also choose from a variety of colours, finishes, and woodgrain patterns for a custom look that perfectly matches the style and décor of your home.

Double glazed windows aren’t only energy efficient and easy to maintain, but they’re also highly attractive. They come in a variety of glass varieties, including laminated and toughened safety glass. They also come with Georgian bars as well as stained glass effects and are made out of a variety of glass. They can also be equipped with low-emissivity (low e) glass to cut down on heat loss and cold air infiltration.


double glazing repairs ashford between your window panes stop the outside temperature from impacting your home. They also keep moisture out. You’ll notice drafts in the home when they fail, especially on cold or windy days. You might even see indications of water leakage.

Your windows expand during the day as a result of sunlight, putting pressure on the seals. In the evening, they shrink, resulting in a continuous cycle of expansion and contracting that wears down the seals. This process is known as solar pumping and is often seen on windows on the west and south sides of the building.

Over time, window seals could become damaged and cause the glass to break or crack. This is more common in older buildings with poor maintenance of seals and frames. This is why it’s recommended to hire a professional to install double glazed windows and doors. Professionals use top-quality seals, and their work is covered by warranties that cover repairs in the future. DIYers may not have the additional protections, and could end up spending more over the long-term because of unexpected repair expenses.

Insulated glass units (IGUs) are an excellent option to save on energy costs and protect your home. They may lose their insulation value if window seals fail. Inexperienced DIYers can damage these seals by using heat guns to strip paint or when homeowners employ pressure washers on their IGUs. Seals can be damaged through exposure to the elements and inadequate installation.

Fogging occurs when the seals of the IGU fail. This can affect the efficiency and visibility of the windows and also makes them less secure from noise from outside. There are a variety of solutions to fix windows that have become foggy, including defogging. These services are costly, and they can’t replace the inert gases that were lost when the seal failed.

While you may be tempted to tackle a DIY project, it’s best to leave window repair and replacement to professionals. They can install double-glazed sealed units, repair broken frame sections and replace damaged hardware and locks. During this process they will upgrade your windows to the highest energy efficiency standards and replace any gaskets that are leaking and seals.

Balances and sashes

Windows are an essential feature of any home. They let light into your rooms, and provide ventilation. With time, windows may become damaged and worn out. It is crucial to maintain your windows on a regular basis to avoid problems such as condensation or draughts. By taking care of the moving parts on your windows you can extend their life span and save money on replacements.

The sashes of windows with double glazing are designed to open and close which allows fresh air in while keeping out the cold. However, the sashes may become stuck and jammed because of a build-up dirt and dust. Experts can resolve the issue by repairing your window.

Each of the four balance systems for windows with sash operates in a different manner. The oldest balance systems are cord and weight that work by pulling a chain or a cord that runs along the sides of the window frame. This method is still in use on older wood windows. If your window is difficult to open, make sure you check whether the cord is greased or if the balance system is broken.

Spiral balances first came into existence just a few years after the weight and cord balances and utilize springs instead of cords. If you take the sash off and look for an aluminum tube at either end. The tube will be marked with a stamp or code on it that lets you know how much weight it supports.

Inverted block-and-tackle balances are another kind of window balance. They function similarly to traditional balances made of block and tackle however, they permit your sash to tilt. They can be identified by looking at the stamp on the side of the metal channel and determining how long it is. You can also determine your sash’s weight by comparing its length and strength codes of the balance bar made of metal.

Glass that is cloudy or foggy

As time passes, the windows can become worn out. The sashes and seals may become loose The frame may get jammed and the glass can become cloudy or misted up. The good news is that all of these issues can be repaired.

If your windows appear to be blurred, try using a window cleaner without ammonia. Ammonia can harm vinyl frames, and can also cause irritation to the eyes and skin. You can also clean your windows by mixing water and distilled vinegar. The vinegar will clean away any residue and bring back the shine of your windows.

Humidity is another cause of foggy or misty windows. High humidity can make windows appear to fog particularly when you have double-paned windows. You can reduce humidity in your home by boosting the ventilation. Open up some windows to allow fresh air flowing. You can also make use of a dehumidifier to keep humidity at a low level in your home.

Windows that are hazy suggest it’s time to clean. If your windows remain blurred after cleaning, it could be time to replace the glass.

Glass that are hazy can be a problem and hinder your enjoyment of the view outside. They can also decrease your energy efficiency, as windows let in more heat and cold. However this can be prevented by choosing quality windows and ensuring they are properly installed. This will stop the seals from deteriorating and letting moisture, dirt, and mold into the gap between the glass panes.

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