Double Glazed Windows Repairs

It could be that your double-glazed windows aren’t easy to open or there is mist forming between the panes. If this is the case, it might be worth scheduling for them to be fixed.

This is a more cost-effective solution than replacing windows. However, specific tools are required, so it is best to let a professional handle this type of repair.

Damaged Seals

Window seals hold the gas argon or Krypton between panes of glass in double glazing upvc windows or triple-pane windows, and they can wear out over time. A broken seal allows air from outside to enter, and the argon gas that is used to insulate your home to escape. Both are detrimental to energy efficiency.

Window seals are susceptible to damage due to extremes in humidity, temperature and pressure. These changes cause the glass to expand and contract, which places an enormous amount of pressure on seals over time. This can also happen if you have pets or children who accidentally bang against your windows.

If your window seal breaks it is best to get the issue addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. If you put off the repair to double glazed windows for too long and the argon or Krypton gas could escape completely, which will significantly reduce the insulating properties of your window.

Fog in between the window panes is another common sign of a faulty seal. You can remove the fog from your window, but it is best to get a professional out and reseal the window.

If you are having your windows resealed by a technician, they will remove the old seal, wash the panes and put in the new seal. This will require disassembling the sash, if needed and then reassembling it, and replacing the IGU (insulated glass unit) in the event that it is required. They will then reinsert argon or krypton into the space between the panes and reseal around the IGU to ensure a watertight seal. There are kits available that claim to help homeowners in this process. Reviews of these products are mixed, however, and we generally recommend leaving this task to professionals.


Condensation is a concern when double glazing is used. This is particularly true in older homes. It happens when the air inside a house has more dewpoint and is warmer than the glass, which causes condensation to occur. It is more likely to occur during late at night or in the early morning hours, when temperatures are lowest.

Fortunately condensation in double-glazed windows is easily fixed and typically doesn’t require replacement of the entire window or door. The “spacer bar,” which is located between the two panes in the majority of double glazing, gets filled with desiccant. It is incredibly absorbent and sucks any moisture that is able to enter the void that is the ‘air gap.’ If this spacer bar becomes filled with moisture, it may be leaking into the frame of the window where condensation can form.

It is also important to remember that the majority of new double-glazed windows are still under warranty, and should be reported to the company who installed the windows. They will investigate and repair any damaged seals or units. Do not try to alter the units as this may affect your warranty.

Checkatrade has a wide range of reliable tradespeople to choose from for repairs to double-glazing. All of our tradespeople have been thoroughly vetted and checked so that you can be certain that you are receiving an expert service at a competitive price. If you are having difficulty opening your double-glazed doors or windows it is possible to fix the mechanism by lubricating hinges and handles. It is also a good idea to wipe down frames with a damp cloth to see if it helps, particularly since extreme weather can cause them to expand or shrink, which could make them difficult open.


The gap between your frame and the wall could allow draughts into your home. This could be cold and can increase your energy bills. Draught proofing can aid in closing gaps and enhancing insulation. It’s worth getting estimates from several companies for this work as it can vary, but an honest company should stand behind their work.

Double-glazed windows that are misty can be difficult to view, but this usually indicates a problem with the seal. It can be fixed with an expert in window repair who will use a high-powered defogger to clean the glass and then create the new seal.

Cold draughts near your windows could indicate that the sealed units are no longer effective which could increase heating costs. Window repair services will seal double glaze repair near me-glazed units to prevent drafts, and also improve insulation.

If you experience difficulty opening or closing windows it could be because the mechanisms or hinges are stiff and require oiling. This is a simple fix, and you should check with the company who installed your double-glazed to find out what their warranty includes.

Over time, uPVC frames can become discoloured. This could be due to sunlight, cleaning products or the weather, but if you notice a large amount of dark streaks or areas that aren’t clean, it might be time to get frames replaced. Certain companies offer replacement services while others will replace the entire frame or handle, or even the locking mechanism. It is best to contact the original window dealer. They can provide you with suggestions on the most cost-effective option for your property. They might even be able to make your frames match so that you don’t need to replace them all.


This is the first indication that double glazing is experiencing problems, and is easy to fix. It happens when condensation from the inside of the window becomes trapped between the two panes, and appears as smudges or droplets of moisture on the outside of your windows. If not treated, it could cause mould and damage to your frames and sills. Inhaling mold spores may also cause health issues.

The most reliable double glazing repair services will be able to diagnose the cause of the issue and offer a cost-effective solution. They can replace the window seals that keep air between the two glass units, and drafts out. This will provide you with a more comfortable house and save you money on your energy bills.

You can attempt to fix the window yourself by cleaning the surface with a rag, a bit of dish soap and some water. Then, you’ll need mix two-part epoxy onto cardboard or a disposable plate and use it to fix any cracks. This is only a temporary fix, so it’s essential to select the correct product.

If you’re considering replacing your double glazed windows, you should locate a company that has a warranty for their products. You’ll have peace of peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a qualified and reputable business which can offer quality products and services. Also, look for reviews from customers before making your decision. This will allow you to determine if the company is right for your requirements.


Condensation on the exterior of your double-glazed windows is nothing to be concerned about, as it’s an indication that your windows are operating properly keeping damp and moisture out of your home. However, the presence of mist inside your windows is a much more serious problem and could indicate that one or more seals have broken.

The gap between the two panes of glass in a double glazed window should be sealed with argon gas to make the entire unit airtight and water-resistant. If the glass is smudged it could mean that the argon gas is compromised, or that a seal was damaged. It is also indicative of poor installation because the window could have been damaged during the fitting process or the sealant has worn away over time.

Many companies claim they can repair misted double-glazed windows by drilling small holes into the glass and pumping chemicals into these holes to absorb the water vapour that is trapped inside. While this may be a viable solution for the majority of people but it is important to recognize that there are limitations on the repair options available.

Sometimes replacement glass for double glazing (check these guys out) is the best choice. This is especially the case when there are major damage. If the window unit has been damaged or [Redirect-302] is not functional due to rot, it may require replacement. A professional consultation is recommended in these situations to determine the most effective course of action.

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