renault car key are fitted with an emergency key blade that can be used to open doors if the remote buttons are not working. The lock is situated next to the door handle and can be hidden under an aluminum cap that must be removed to gain access.

Lost Keys

We are a local Renault Key Replacement specialist offering key fob repair and replacements. We can also reprogram your new key if it’s lost. This is a straightforward process and we can complete it at home or at work. Laptop software is used to communicate with your car’s computers and program new keys. This is much faster than going to a main dealer and also cheaper.

Some Renaults are a little different in that they do not make use of a standard key, but instead use keys that are slotted into the dash panel to unlock the car and then start it. It functions the same way as a normal car key, however it does not require to be turned in order to lock the car. The engine can only be started by pressing the clutch or brake pedal.

If your Renault key card isn’t working, the first thing to do is ensure that it’s properly inserted into the ignition and is activated. You can check this by turning the ignition a few times to verify that it’s working.

Another reason for the key card not working is that it has been manipulated. This could mean that someone has added an additional key to the system or they have used a remote control to open and shut the doors. In either case, the key card won’t function and must be changed.

Transponder Keys

Renaults come with an immobiliser system that is installed on the car. When you insert your key, it will disable it. This is a great thing from a security standpoint as it makes it difficult for an old school or novice car burglar to heat wire and start the car without having the actual key.

Most Renault cars manufactured after the year 2000 will be fitted with a transponder-type key. The key has a chip in its head that transmits a signal to an immobiliser when the key is inserted in the ignition.

The older Renaults have a different kind of key which is a simple flat metal key and function the same way you would normally use a mechanical key. They can unlock the door but they cannot operate the car. Some modern models have an accessory remote similar to the FOBIK chip but instead of a remote, it is a complete unit. These are referred to as Smart Keys and Proximity Keys.

These keys are more difficult to steal than regular transponder keys because they require a small, flat metal tool to remove from the keys, and these are typically available from the local hardware store. These methods however don’t make it impossible for professional criminals to steal a car since they have other methods such as a slim jim, removing the door handle and then bending the top of the door away to reveal a hook they can use to remove the lock.

Remote Keys

Remote car keys cannot transmit your personal information, unlike transponder keys. They are more of a convenience than security. The key fob has several buttons that let you lock and unlock your vehicle. This is much more convenient than having your key in the lock every time you drive.

If your original remote is damaged or lost You can replace it with the Renault replacement remote key. You will need to obtain the appropriate key for your particular model of vehicle. This can be costly particularly if a dealer or a locksmith is handling the job. There are websites that will provide you with blank keys for a much lower cost. These keys will require to have a professional program these keys.

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual while making a change to a key. In some models, you need to press a specific button to start the reprogramming feature. Once you have done this, you’ll need to act quickly. You will only have some seconds before the system of your car resets the instructions and exits programming mode. If you’re not careful then you’ll have to restart the process again.

Key Cards

One of the most perplexing information we get from our locksmiths is Renault owners losing their keys. In more favourable instances, the driver will find the keys or key card in their pocket, however there are some incredibly unfortunate instances in which they simply put it inside and out they lose it.

Many people assume that the only way to replace a key is to call the local Renault dealership and ask them to buy one for you. This could be a time-consuming process, and you could end up without a vehicle for a long period of time while you wait for the new key.

Renaults have a rather complicated system as far as the immobiliser and keys go. The first models (typically from 2000 to around 2000) utilize keys that aren’t programmed to the vehicle simply by plugging in a tester and pressing a button as many other key fobs you can purchase from Ebay. These type of systems need special tools and software to program the replacement key.

In more modern Renaults the key card has undergone several changes in regards to how it appears and what is inside it. All Renault key cards come with an emergency blade which can be used in case the buttons do not work. The cards also have tiny keys that can be used to start the vehicle in the event of dead batteries.

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