Make sure the straps are sturdy enough, are padded for your comfort, and have multiple uses if that’s something important to you. That’s why I developed this free pattern for a crescent-shaped leather (or faux leather) sling bag. Custom bag orders are welcome. There are aluminum anchors on the exterior to keep it secure, though it’s best used with Moment’s own backpacks. The top handle is also present for lifting this from the top if you don’t want to use this as your everyday carry backpacks or waist bag. I will be making one for myself to carry through the airport this week. You also can wear one around your waist, which is a nice option for longer adventures or if you just want to take a load off your shoulders. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for denim patch purse taking the time to create this tutorial. Brilliant tutorial. I made four for high school graduation presents this past year with evil eyes on them and they were very easy too make and totally turned out!

I’m Auntie of the year! I posted some photos of my messenger bag on the flickr group, including the measurements I used to size it down for my three year old, as well as some pointers on adding a zipper closure. I used this tutorial to make a cute messenger bag for my 3 year old son. Thanks so much for such an amazing tutorial. Thanks for the easy tutorial! Thanks so much for posting such a great tutorial, Larissa. Where can I find a great selection of sling bags for hiking? Stress-Free Airport Security: During air travel, sling bags shine as they comply with carry-on baggage regulations and make navigating airport security a breeze. Sling bags are available in different materials. Puff and quilted silhouettes are a big trend this season and the look shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. This attractive bag will look great with your little black dress for an evening on the town. Go for light color shades, small prints and vertical line prints as these prints give a slimmer look. Additionally you will also top stitch around the top edge to close the opening and give it a nice finish around the top.

I have another daughter, so I will have another go at it. By the time I grab a few more essentials for the day ahead, my pants pockets are completely stuffed, or worse, I have to resort to a backpack that I don’t really want to carry. Backpacks can also be used to carry other important stuff like note pads and documents. It is also helpful to carry passports, cash, cards, and other small items. Has room for my documents, small water bottle, camera, phone, Kindle, etc.. It’s small things like the built-in all-weather cover that makes the 250 AW stand out. This may sound like a silly question but does the 1 yard of each fabric include enough to make the pockets? Just like the Teton Fly Fishing Pack, the Cedar Creek Fishing Sling Pack is another great budget option. Sling backpacks are stylish ad great way to enjoy your adventure.

Thanks for this easy way to make this bag. The opening goes from the bottom right corner of the bag, and all the way to the top left corner. I am a terrible seamstress and this was just the right level of easy-hard for me to feel confident, but challenged. Then when you turn the bag right side out and stuff the lining inside it, you have a nice finished edge. Another pocket can be found on the left side and one more on the right. A camera sling bag is usually smaller than a backpack and is worn over one shoulder. I made the bag last night (or should I say early this morning? ;), and actually doing it helped me to understand what I couldn’t visualize when I was reading through the tutorial. I needed a gift for a teenage girl at the last minute and remembered this bag. I don’t know if I’d call it fabulous, but it’s definitely a bag. But this was all before I found the Clipa 2 bag hanger, a sleek, simple, ring-shaped device with a grippy, padded opening that cleverly holds even heavy handbags on the edge of a table, door of a bathroom stall, back of a chair, or any teensy-tiny available ledge you can find.

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