What is a UK Representative?

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Under EU directives and UK laws, manufacturers who are not located in the EU must nominate an Authorised Representative (EC Rep) and/or a UK Rep. Exceptions do exist.

What is an UK Rep?

A UK Rep is become an avon rep individual or company designated by a product manufacturer to perform certain tasks related to compliance with UK product legislation. Depending on the specific product legislation, this may include preparing UK Declarations of Conformity for medical devices and establishing the an initial point of contact to the MHRA (Medical Device Regulations Agency). A Responsible Person is often known as an Authorised Representative.

UK Reps are required for companies from outside Europe who want to sell their products in the UK market according to EU directives or UK law. If the fulfilment service provider or shipping firm in the UK is assigned as an Authorised Rep, it is also required to comply with EU directives and UK law regarding product safety and traceability.

With the Brexit, the EU GDPR is no longer applicable in the UK businesses that wish to operate in the UK must adhere to a new set of privacy laws, referred to as the UK GDPR. These UK regulations follow the same rules as the EU GDPR, but they have been modified to be enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK.

Under the UK GDPR, it is necessary for organizations that are not located in the EU to appoint a representative in the UK to ensure they can communicate with data protection authorities and individuals within the UK. The representative can be a person, or a company located in the UK that can represent the business in relation to its obligations under UK GDPR.

A UK Representative is a unique job that requires someone who is knowledgeable about the requirements of working with authorities that protect data and dealing with requests from individuals. If a company is new to the compliance industry it is recommended to hire an experienced UK Rep who can help with the initial set up and provide ongoing support as required. This could include helping in the development of processes documents, document templates, and training for employees of the company.

how much do avon reps make do I nominate a UK Rep?

If your company does business in the EU you must have an official representative (EU GDPR Article 3(2)). This requirement applies regardless of whether you have offices in the EU or not. If you do not have offices in the EU but you do business in the EU you will need both an EU and UK representative unless you process very limited personal data of EU citizens. This is the situation when you provide goods or services to EU individuals or monitor their behaviour.

If you are an EU business that provides goods and services to EU data subjects or monitors their conduct You must appoint a person who is located in the UK. (UK GDPR article 27). This requirement exists regardless of whether you are a data controller or data processor. The UK representative must be able represent your business in relation to your obligations under GDPR and also act as the point of contact for individuals as well as the ICO.

The UK representative must be a firm, or a company, that is based within the EEA and capable of representing the obligations of the company under GDPR. Typically it is an independent law firm, however it could also be a consultancy or private company. You can make the contact information of your representative readily available to EEA data subject by publishing them or including the information in privacy notices. This will allow EEA-based data subjects to reach out to the representative regarding their concerns with your business’s handling of their personal information.

You must name your representative in writing and set the conditions of their relationship, similar to a contract for services. It is essential to remember that the party appointing you is accountable and liable to the actions of its representative. This is especially true following the recent Rondon 2021 EWHC1427 decision.

There are some exceptions, but they are very specific and rarely apply. Public bodies and authorities as well as businesses who process data on a regular basis and are at a low risk are exempt from this requirement. Even if an exemption is granted, it is important to consider whether the GDPR’s requirements are still met.

What are the responsibilities a UK Rep has?

A UK Rep is an individual or organization that acts as the point of contact for local data protection inquiries from individuals or the ICO. A UK Rep can be an employee or independent contractor. They can also be an entity that is based in the UK such as a consultancy or law firm.

Article 27 of the GDPR outlines the responsibilities of the UK Rep. This requires all businesses that are not part of the EU or offer goods or Avon Reps Near Me services to or control the behavior of those in the UK to designate a representative to act as the point of contact for the ICO.

A UK rep is basically the same as an EU authorized representative (EUAR) with the exception that it is only applicable to the United Kingdom only. EUARs are accountable for monitoring compliance, and providing information to MHRA.

However, a UKRP has more responsibilities with respect to the UK’s newest Medical Device Regulation (MDR). A UKRP for instance is responsible for registering medical devices with the MHRA. They also serve as an intermediary between the manufacturer of the device and MHRA. A UKRP is also responsible for ensuring compliance of the company with MDR.

A union rep or steward has the same statutory rights as a representative of the union to represent their members as well as perform other duties at work. They are usually chosen by the members concerned and are voted on by ballot or at a meeting. The appointment is typically made known to the employer by the union.

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Where can I find an UK Rep to represent me?

UK Data Protection Law requires that companies located outside of the UK which offer products or services or observe the actions of individuals within the UK appoint UK Representatives. The person appointed is the primary contact for data subjects as well as the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). The appointment of your UK Representative must be in writing and clearly state the conditions of your relationship with them. The GDPR will not alter your liability or responsibility because of having a representative.

All manufacturers from outside the EU that sell into the GB Market are required to have an UK representative, with the exception of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland still requires an EU Authorised Rep. The role of the UK Rep can be taken by any company that can prove their ability to meet the requirements of applicable legislation governing the product and serve as a reliable point of contact between the manufacturer and the national market surveillance authorities and Notified Bodies. This includes but isn’t only limited to:

In the case medical devices, a representative authorized is a recognized Certification Company. In the case other products the representative who is authorized could be a sales or distributor.

You must make the contact details of your chosen UK Representative accessible to data subjects (individuals) who have personal information you process and make them easily accessible. You can do this by including the information in your privacy notice, or putting them on your website. It is not necessary to notify the ICO in writing about your preferred representative however, their contact information should be easily accessible to them.

It is recommended to choose an established and reputable company, like ProductIP, as your UK Authorised Rep. We have years of experience dealing with both European and UK product legislation, providing an extensive service for manufacturers looking to comply with their obligations under both EU and GB regulations. Our team of experts are ready to assist you in selecting a UK Rep, and provide the representation that market oversight authorities and customers require.

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