Security For Vans

You’ll have to take measures to safeguard your van if you own it. There are a variety of alternatives, including CAN bus immobilisers, deadlocks and stoplocks. It is also possible to invest in a vehicle GPS tracking system to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle.


Van deadlocks are an added layer of security to transit van security locks doors. They are operated with keys and require physical locking. A van security products deadlock is operated by a separate mechanism to the factory-installed lock, which makes it impossible to unlock from inside the van.

If you own a van, it is possible to have one installed. There are a variety of kinds to pick from. The one you choose will depend on where you live and how often you will require access to your vehicle, and your budget. It is crucial to choose an excellent lock. It is also important to have it professionally installed to guard against the theft.

Thieves are fond of vans. They can cause tradespeople thousands of dollars in lost earnings. Your van could be taken and you could be lacking the tools or support you need. By installing deadlocks, you can ensure that thieves are stopped before they even start.

A van deadlock is an investment that will bring security benefits. They are available for almost all van models , and can provide an additional lock point for your vehicle’s door.

Due to the huge amount of van-related equipment they are a very popular target. These items can be expensive and time-consuming to replace. With thieves being able to break into vans within a matter of minutes it can be difficult to keep them out. Installing a deadlock on your van can make your van less appealing to thieves, reducing their desire to break down and ensuring that you do not have to spend the rest of your life repairing it.


If you’re searching for the most effective security measure to safeguard your vehicle, it’s crucial to consider alternatives to chains and locks you’ve been using for years. Stoplocks offer a number of advantages over traditional methods. They are visually appealing as well as deterrents, and add an additional layer to security.

The main benefit is that it’s easily noticeable from the outside of your vehicle. This will give you an additional layer of protection against thieves trying to force your doors open.

The Stoplock Original, for example it comes with an LED light that flashes. Its other features include 10,000 key combinations, a sleek design, and a 5 year warranty.

Additionally it is also worth noting that the Stoplock has an exclusive mechanism that is supposed to be able to withstand attempts to remove it. Another great feature is that it can be set on sliding side doors as well as rear doors.

A padlock or two can be added to your vehicle’s security van door locks. While they’re not as effective as a Stoplock they can provide additional security. Padlocks can be purchased in several different sizes and designs. A chrome-plated padlock from Milenco is a more appealing option.

There’s also the stoplock which is a very small lock that can be found on your steering wheel. The Stoplock Professional is a more useful, but less apparent option. You can be confident that your van is safe due to a sturdy locking system and a tamper-proof mounting kit.

Catalytic converter locks

If you are seeking a method to keep your catalytic converter secure and safe it is recommended to invest in a CatClamp. These cat-o-matic devices are designed to stop opportunistic thieves from stealing your valuable possession. CatClamp is a patent-pending cable cage that forms an effective, secure barrier around your precious possession.

While there is no such thing as a 100% secure security solution, the CatClamp cat-o-matic will provide security against cat lovers and other shady vehicle owners. It is equipped with a wire rope that can lock the gizmo onto your vehicle for up to seven times.

It also features a 3-part patent design that incorporates a two-part securitybolt, a cable net, and a catalytic converter. This cat clamp has got to be one of the most attractive cat-o-matics available. You can purchase a CatClamp to attach to your van for just $150.

To top it off, you will receive free shipping from AutoAccessoriesGarage. The company also has several cat-omatic products and offers live customer service to help you get started. Their products have been tested and verified and they will offer you the lowest prices. Their website is ranked among the top 10 automotive websites in America. In light of the numerous auto parts stores available, it’s nice to know that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company.

CAN bus immobilisers

A computer controlled unit referred to as a CAN bus immobiliser can be installed on a vehicle. These devices can stop the vehicle from starting if it does not have the proper pin code. This also shields the vehicle from hacking.

Its main purpose is to prevent theft of vehicles. Advanced techniques have been used by criminals to bypass security systems. To make it harder for thieves, immobilisers were created. They come with a PIN code that only the owner of the car is aware of.

The CAN bus, a multi-wired wiring scheme, is found in all modern vehicles. The CAN bus’s immobilisers send a command to an engine control unit. The engine control unit will stop the vehicle starting when it receives the command.

There are many types of CAN bus immobilisers that are available for vans. The Ghost II Immobiliser is an extremely popular product. The Ghost II Immobiliser will not turn on the vehicle if the PIN code is not entered.

Ghost II Immobiliser is approved by insurance companies and provides high level security. In addition, it has a unique vehicle marking system that connects to the International Security Register.

One of its main features is among its key features, the Ghost II immobiliser can prevent a thief from evading the system by replacing the ECU. It also features an ingenious engine lockout mechanism.

The Autowatch Ghost is a unique aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. It is TASSA approved and insurance approved.

The importance of investing in a vehicle GPS tracking system

It is worth investing in a GPS tracking system for van security might not be suitable for everyone, but for fleet managers, it can be a vital element of their business. With the help of a GPS tracker, they’ll be able determine where their vehicles are at any given moment and, if they’re running poorly, they’ll be in a position take steps to improve their performance.

There are numerous ways to track a vehicle, including using an app on your smartphone, or by installing a device to the vehicle itself. The best option will be the one that is able to provide real-time alerts and reports to ensure your vehicles are operating at peak efficiency.

These options are fantastic but they do come with one drawback. You need reliable service that is backed up by customer service to make the most of these features.

A GPS tracking system can detect any illegal use in your fleet. This can be a very useful tool, and can save your business from potential legal problems. It can reduce downtime and accidents, and keep your employees safe.

A GPS tracking system can make sure your business stays on the right path and is essential for any company. The more efficient your operation the less maintenance and fuel costs.

A reliable fleet tracking system will not just tell you the location of your vehicles at any given time but also notify you when they require maintenance. This information can be useful to keep on top of maintenance dates.

Your van should be stored in a garage or a well-lit place.

Parking your vehicle in a secured garage or in a brightly lit area for security van is a great idea. It is not an easy task. Even the most knowledgeable driver can be a target when they’re not vigilant. This type of accident can be avoided by being attentive by observing unusual behavior and being polite.

This can be done by keeping an eye on wild cats, jackasses and curious neighbors. Avoid parking in areas that are isolated as they could be difficult to locate. If possible you should make sure to use the prepaid parking card. A prepaid credit card will ensure that you pay only for [empty] the parking you need and not the parking you don’t.

Keep your valuables secure in garages or trunks locked. Also, be sure to lock your doors when you leave the premises. This is particularly important when you are leaving a business with a strict no-looting policy. However don’t leave your car in a parked car, as thieves are likely to be on the lookout.

A motion-activated LED light is another great investment for [Redirect-Java] your front door. This will not just make it easier to see as well, but it can also make your home a safer one. In the same way, installing a security light inside your garage will go a long way toward making you feel more secure and secure.

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