Improve the Security of Double Glazed Doors With Tamper-Proof Locks

Many homeowners put a high importance on security. If you live in a neighbourhood which has been a victim of burglaries, it might be worthwhile upgrading the security of your double doors with lock locks that are tamperproof.

An excellent option is to use twin-cylinder bar bolts. These bolts stop glass from shattering and make it harder for burglars to get in. They also work well with smart lock systems, which require a key to unlock.


The use of double-glazed doors in your home is a fantastic way to open up the space and let in plenty of amounts of natural light. The added sunlight will illuminate your kitchen and living spaces and give it a more open feeling. This will also reduce the accumulation of condensation, which could otherwise cause mold growth.

In addition to their aesthetics double-glazed windows are an excellent deterrent to burglars. They’re much harder to break in and have advanced locking systems that help keep your home secure. The installation of these doors inside your home could help you save money on insurance costs as insurers take note of the security measures homeowners take to secure their homes.

Intruders usually enter homes through the front door. It is therefore important to use a lock that is strong and robust. This will be able to withstand any force that criminals who want to break it. The locks will stop intrusions into your home and will ensure you’re sleeping soundly every night. They’ll also be able to prevent noise from coming through the windows as well which will create a quieter and serene space for your family. With a variety of different finishes and made to measure manufacturing options they can easily be integrated into your home while maintaining the aesthetics. You can even choose an electronic lock that is wireless like the G100 Series that offers seamless integration for all glass openings in commercial or residential spaces while providing more flexibility and control.


By incorporating additional security measures that you have installed, you can make your double doors less prone to being damaged. You can select from a wide range of options, such as deadbolts. surface-mounted bolts. Slide bolts. and interlocking screws. You can also install door alarms, which are designed to detect and discourage potential intruders. You can also put a security layer to your French doors to keep them from being easily broken in case they’re broken or broken.

The security of your doors is among the most important aspects to consider when deciding on which type to purchase. It is essential to ensure whether your new door lock change, see this page, has the top-quality hardware and locks to ensure the highest level of security. Begin by searching for a uPVC that is Secured By Design certified and meets the PAS 24:2022 standards.

Select a multi-point locking mechanism for your new door. It will have more locking points and will be more difficult to break into. You can find CISA uPVC multi-point locks in a wide range of styles and finishes, and some providing UV bonding. This can help to keep the lock protected from discolouration, dirt and weathering, ensuring that it will be in good condition for a long time.

The most common method for burglars to gain entry into a uPVC door is by breaking the euro-lock cylinder, which is done by pulling the handle to take off the casing. This is called ‘lock-snapping’ and that’s why it’s essential to choose the cylinder that has been tested according to the highest standards. The best cylinders have been tested and are SS312 diamond-approved, Kitemarked TS007 3-Star.

You can further enhance the security of your doors by putting in wire or a security mesh that can stop criminals from getting through the gap between the doors. Add a layer of tempered glass or laminated glass to the doors. This makes it harder to break and can aid in holding the shards when they are broken.


It is essential to choose a lock for windows and doors that are designed for use outdoors that can withstand the elements of weather. These locks will not rust or lose their effectiveness due to rain or other types of precipitation. Additionally, they are designed to withstand attempts to open the door. This reduces the chance of property damage and burglaries.

One of the most well-known locking options for double glazing door locks glazed doors is a multipoint lock. These types of locks have a long appearance and secure the door at various points along its frame, making it more difficult for a burglar to jimmy the door open. Other security features can be put in place on double-glazed doors, including deadbolts and slide bolts.

These locks are usually employed in industrial and commercial applications however, they can also be found on residential properties. These locks are usually constructed from stainless steel, and they have a variety of mechanisms to prevent intruders entering the building. Certain locks come with anti-corrosive properties that allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing uPVC doors or you’re thinking of installing new ones, think about selecting a high-security lock from a reputable manufacturer such as Maco. The locks have been subjected to rigorous industry tests in order to ensure that they meet or exceed all specifications for safety. These uPVC doors also have anti-drilling technology and pick-proof technology to guard against burglaries.

The weatherproof lock repair is another type of lock which can be used with double glazing window locks glazed doors. These locks are suitable for gates, sheds and other outdoor areas. They are designed to withstand tough conditions. The weatherproof double sided lock is tamper-proof, which makes it difficult for intruders to break into the office or home.

Addition of wire or security mesh is another option to enhance the security of double-glazed doors. These products will help to keep intruders from entering the building, and they can even stop burglars from trying to smash the glass using an instrument like a crowbar, or any other.


uPVC door frames are constructed to last but can still be affected by time. These problems may not be the faults of the manufacturer, but may be caused by wear and tear resulting from regular use, changing weather conditions or misalignment to the door frame. This could cause drafts inside your home as well as weak security against criminals and water damage.

This is easily avoided by regularly cleaning and lubricating moving parts of the lock. This will prolong the life of uPVC door [empty] and limit any possibility of deterioration.

A common problem is that multipoint locks are incorrectly aligned. This means that the lock is not in contact with the door’s frame, making it difficult to close and secure the door. The good news is that this is usually a simple issue and can be resolved at home, without the need for a locksmith.

To start ensure that your door is locked while it is open to verify its alignment. If the door isn’t contacting with the frame then loosen the fixings using an allen key or screwdriver on the inside of the frame to allow it to be moved into the proper position. It is possible to do this several times until you find the perfect fit. After you’ve completed this, tighten the bolts.

It is also essential to ensure that your uPVC doors are prepped properly. Verify that the door is ready for a deadbolt and that there is a second hole on the outside of your door for the cross-bore kit. This will permit you to put a lever or passage knob below your preferred deadbolt to provide additional security.

Maintaining your double-glazed doors and windows maintained with regular inspections will ensure that they function as efficiently as they can for many years to come. By following these tips, you can minimise the impact of use on your uPVC fittings and avoid costly repairs or replacements in the near future. If you do encounter issues Our team of highly skilled uPVC replacement window locks and door experts can fix them quickly.

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